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About company is an excellent example of how a young company has been able to become one of the largest suppliers of the top-quality mining equipment in a short time, using its creative and innovative ideas, and is registered under COINSCORE LTD. Our story began when the Director General, WAGNER AARON while remaining a well-off man, took a risk and invested $1000 000 in development of innovative mining technology based of natural cooling and solar batteries with high power output.

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Our advantages

  • Our business model includes a continuous analysing of the innovative technology market and creative thinking of each particular member of our team. Consequently, we can be a step ahead of our competitors at the planning stage.
  • A continuous flow of external investments from our partners from around the world allows us to develop multiple times faster than our competitors without being tightened by particular budget frames.
  • Ambitions of our employees grow with every new achievement of ours, and as an example, we can proudly introduce our new ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00. The miner which has shown to the world what an eco-friendly and super-productive mining instrument can be. It is manufactured to the highest standards, exceptionally user-friendly and genuinely second to none among its known counterparts.
  • uses various marketing strategies aimed at the achievement of maximum recognition among mining tool manufacturing corporations, starting with classical advertisement and up to Multi-Level Marketing elements: all to popularise ASIC Miner ECO Solar v.2.00 around the world in short time.

Investment types

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    7 DAYS accruals. Deposit refund at the end of the term

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